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Symfony is primaryweb framework which is built coded in PHP in order to create feature-rich sites.This platform is also preferred for web-based applications as well as e-commerce website development. The framework offers vast functions and tools for web developers to create complex web applications and enterprise-level web application more easily and quickly which help save time and efforts in web development.

Benefits of Symfony DevelopmentThe Arka Advantages



The latest version of Symfony-Symfony 2 is fast & reliable. Those websites which are built in this framework are fast in loading &, you don’t need to worry about slow loading or even incomplete loading.



The framework can manage heavy website and still give the best performance. This is another reason why the developerprefers this platform. Along with this, the codes are easy testing & simple.



Our Developers love to build a frameworkthat makes debugging easy. The framework helps us to find the bugs and errors in the codes. The product you will get in your hand will have a powerful debugging toolbar & functionalities.



They are one of the best features of Symfony2. They give us a choice. We can use the entire framework and develop a complex website. We have the option of building the website to your specifications, disregarding applications that you don’t need.

SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly

The framework is built with a concern to find the attractive, appropriated an SEO friendly URL. When a site is developed on this framework the only left is the demand of other SEO tools& functionalities except for URL.

Application Development

Rapid Application Development

One of the best feature of Symfony 2 RAD. The product developed on this framework is faster & higher quality.

Coding Standards

Well Maintained Coding Standards

Symfony maintained premium standard codes in the development of website, so we developers prefer the same coding standard in whole website development.

Ready To Use Plugins

Ready To Use Plugins

The framework has several inbuilt features with a lot of new functionalities. These already installed plugins help this framework developer with the website development.

Third Party API's

Third Party API's

This framework permits to add 3rd party API’s or other vendor libraries into the application in the simplest way.

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  • Job Portal Development

    Job Portal Development

    Event Management

    Event Management Development

    CRM Solutions

    CRM Solutions

  • Payment Gateway

    Payment Gateway Integration

    Third Party

    Third Party API integration


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